BioVance Animal Health, Inc.

BioVance Animal Health was started out of vision that that our pets, and then our children needed an information and then a supply source for natural, inexpensive health foods and products. Dr Diane Sudduth, MS, DVM, MAPST, MPH and Bill Piechocki, Animal Scientist, Pet Industry Specialist, Nutritionist... & more  joined forces to create healthy foods for our pets.

This spawned the development and opening of Fiesta Pet Deli, the first, and still the only fresh, real food deli for dogs, cats, and other carnivores in Pompano Beach, FL. From a tiny store in a Farmers Market to there present full service deli specializing in helping pets with allergies, cancer diabetes, dental and skin issues, they have helped dogs and cats doomed to death live years longer and have watched these pets cured from many of these diseases.

The second phase was to create foods, herbs, and other products, available nationwide, that were the best of the deli... the birth of BioComplete. Positioned to become a major brand, BioComplete products are made from ingredients suitable for human royalty. All our products must pass scrutiny for quality and nutritional and functional benefits. Our raw diet for carnivores, our herbal and naturals lines are second to none.

Many of our products were developed by our search for the problems that affect people and pets alike. BioVance Laboratories was a pioneer in toxicity and heavy metals testing in our pets. This spawned the BioComplete Natural Herb line as we needed natural chelation products which found many herbs perform. We have expanded our services to include routine and specialized blood, urine, and other testing as well as appropriate nutritional and life style changes for your pets and yourself.

We were able to do much of this because of the expertise afforded us by BioVance Consulting. Led by Dr Diane Sudduth.... who's experience working in both the FDA and the USDA, as well as in the private sector medical device and animal health industry, our team is well equipped to guide not only all the BioVance companies, but to offer unique services in quality, regulatory, and management on a contract basis.

Our Pet Health Café started as a few radio interviews to help educate pet owners on proper pet care and nutrition has grown into daily show heard worldwide on multiple internet media stations. and now the development of the Pet Health Cafe Network, adding a host of new programs on nutrition, natural and alternative health for both pets and people.

The core of our companies is an integrated educational forum with the products, services and expertise that you won't find anywhere else. Please take the time to view each of our companies and experience the benefits that you can gain.

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